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How to create an Amazon coupon code?

This article will quickly introduce beginner merchants into the magnificent field of Amazon discount codes. You will learn how to create and manage them, attract and retain target audiences using effectively scheduled coupons, maximize profits, and earn customers' trust.

Amazon is one of the most popular and largest online trading platforms worldwide. The product selection and the number of online retailers represented there are almost unlimited. No matter what people are looking for, they are simply guaranteed to find the provider of the right goods with an appealing price-performance ratio. For merchants, Amazon offers many million visitors every day. It is just necessary to be better than others in inviting buyers to your product page and helping them make a purchase.

Creating discount codes at Amazon are particularly popular. Almost everyone is eager about getting them because there are hardly any consumers today who have not already bought from Amazon. With an Amazon coupon, people can easily make great savings and obtain high-quality items. As merchants, we truly understand the role of running regular thoughtful promotions to accelerate sales. 

How do you release an Amazon coupon?

Coupons are available to everyone, irrespective of the type of seller account that you currently use. You can find the functions to deal with coupons in your Seller Central Account. Go to the Advertising tab and you will notice coupons directly between the ‘Lightning Deals’ and ‘Promotions’ features.

Amazon Seller Central

Click it and follow instructions that are fairly brief and simple to add the Amazon coupon to your account. As a merchant, you should realize that coupons work differently from promotions although both of them have been designed to attract people to your online shop. It is reasonable to combine different options to attain the best possible visibility.  

How do the Amazon coupons work?

The precise algorithm of performance depends on which of the two options you prefer to choose. If you offer a great discount on some not very expensive item, we suggest considering creating the percent off Amazon promo. On the contrary, if a costly product is under sale, it would look better to opt for a dollar off coupon. Do not forget to specify a total budget for your campaign. Yeah, issuing vouchers is just another way of advertising in the marketplace. When you are all set, your customers will see a button that proposes a tasty discount. Its placement will be automatically selected. For instance, ‘Prime’ customers see an appealing green button just below the item list price. Other shoppers see a white button with green letters on it.

Coupons are not free for those who provide them. Since it is a type of advertising, why would it be completely free for everyone? You will have to pay per each customer click. This charge comes in addition to other fees. Let’s consider a real-life example to make things clearer. Say, you have goods per $20.00 in your inventory. You afford to offer people a coupon for one dollar. A five percent discount is a reasonable deal unless a seasonal item is sold out. The Amazon will charge $0.60 (this is fixed) per click as soon as the coupon gets used, i.e. the customer goes to the checkout stage. Therefore, the campaign costs you $1.60 per item shipped. This already amounts to 8 percent of the nominal price of what you distribute. Always keep in mind this Amazon commission when you start a promo code offer. Inputting a budget in the respective field is a must-do to set a threshold for your spending. Particularly, it prevents your business from suddenly going bankrupt. All you need is to set the maximum sum to spend and a campaign expiration date. The sum is essential since it is impossible to predict how many shoppers get seduced by your new unbeatable offer.

What suits your clients better: dollar-off coupons or percentage-off ones?

There are a lot of debates on the Internet regarding what is perceived better. And, as usual, there is no clear answer to the posed question. Some sellers insist that providing an exact amount of dollars is easier, whilst others are sure that percentages are traditionally a way more impressive. Some merchant guru expressed an opinion that people are lazy to do the math as they simply want no hassle. Furthermore, the computation of percentages is a bit more complicated than subtraction. We suggest that you make your own investigation given the nature of your products since such marketing things are highly volatile and poorly reproducible.

If you still hesitate, consider the following argument. At the Amazon marketplace, it is simply all about making buyer’s life easier. Sometimes, it is difficult to compare the difference between the discount in dollars and percent. If visitors see “50% OFF”, they immediately imagine a huge clearance and go to your online store. In dollars, however, the discount offered can be just 25 cents or alike. Far not all customers do computations before clicking the coveted button.

Useful facts summary to remember about coupons

The single-use Amazon coupons are usable on the ‘www.amazon.com’ website. Promo codes are valid for a limited time. This information is specified by the seller. The coupon can vanish at any time provided that many consumers redeemed it. The buyer must purchase the items strictly before the coupon expiration date. If he/she is late, the voucher code becomes invalid. The good news is that you do not pay 60 cents for such visitors. The promo code applies only to the items that a seller explicitly selects. One customer redeems a single coupon. They are in no way combined with rebates. Upon an item return, the money refunded is equal to the money actually charged. Consumers may be responsible for paying taxes related to Amazon voucher usage. 

Why coupons are worth trying: final remarks

Coupons represent an interesting and relatively new type of ads at the Amazon marketplace. Buyers naturally like getting discounts and they will prefer your online shop over your competitors' thanks to coupons. This is a good chance for a seller to widen an audience and build solid relationships with loyal customers, case-by-case. The product which is accompanied by the code is more lucrative.

In most cases, using promo codes means generating higher profits. This is because of the increased number of sales. Another thing that you should remember is that coupons lead to higher sales speed directly improving your best sellers ranking in the catalog. Vice versa, higher ranking always brings more visibility, more visitors, and more sales. For new accounts, running voucher campaigns is the best solution to get successfully started and enhance popularity.

  We suggest you give coupons codes a try using small budgets first to understand the ongoing situation and actual trends. Life is fantastically vivid at Amazon and everything changes at a great pace. Test the things for yourself to tune the best parameters for your future campaigns.