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Amazon is unable to deliver non-essential goods to France

The company is reportedly undergoing an investigation procedure in the United States because of the infected employees. In the meantime, the court in France banned Amazon from delivering certain goods to the country during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. This was a quick response to the lawsuit of the French trade unions to protect the safety and health of their members. The judge ruled that Amazon is only allowed to ship essential products. Stuff includes health and hygiene products, food, and electronic devices.

The company may face a fine of one million EUR for every non-complying parcel detected by the country authorities. In response, Amazon decided to fully close its French warehouses and send 10,000 workers on vacation. Orders will instead be processed in other European countries.

The New York Times emphasized the company's tensions with French workers' unions. Despite unprecedented efforts to ensure health and safety, Amazon was unable to consult with employee representatives and clarify the business environment in France during these difficult times.

"We heard the court decision, however, the decision does not seem clear to us," as Amazon representative reported. 'We do our best to analyze the situation for our ongoing business, as well as for our numerous coworkers in France.' More than 15 thousand French employees of the company quickly signed a petition. It calls for the resumption of Amazon in the country.