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Amazon Sellers Helper

AMZ Sellers Helper is a free and quickly developed tool for Amazon sellers. The software has been implemented as an extension for Google Chrome. With this extension, you can quickly find the current product in Amazon Seller Central directly from the product page in Amazon, as well as conveniently analyze the offers of other sellers and evaluate the competition for each product.

First Things to Do

To get started, install the extension from the official Google Chrome store. Then navigate to Settings and enter your Amazon Seller ID. You can find it in your Amazon Seller Central account.

Set up your Seller ID

This information is necessary for the extension to know what your offer is when comparing it with your competitors.


Link to your product at Amazon Seller Central from the listing page:

Set up your Seller ID

  This link makes it easy to find your viewed product in Amazon Seller Central, especially if you have a lot of products.

Indication of the current position of your offer:

Set up your Seller ID

The indicator shows the current place of your offer in the list, and also informs whether the 'Buy Box' is currently granted.

If your offer is not on the list, the indicator will inform you by changing the color to orange.

Set up your Seller ID

Comparison of offers

Clicking on the indicator will open a window with a list of all offers for the current product. As of now, this is the largest and most useful extension option. It allows you to compare your offer with the offers of your competitors quickly and clearly.

Set up your Seller ID

If your offer is listed, you will see a comparison of all the indicators of your competitors regarding it.

Waiting for your feedback

If you notice any inaccuracy or error in the operation of the extension, feel free to write to us. Our experts will fix the problem as soon as possible.

We would be pleased to get any suggestions for improving the extension functionality.