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Amazon will soon launch real-time video calls to enhance security at their online marketplace

At the present moment, the company is probing algorithms designed for remote verification of potential sellers. This will be done through video interviews, as stated by a company representative in a conversation with Retail Dive. Amazon will use its unique machine learning development to process large amounts of personal data. This measure, as believed, is necessary to determine the potential risks of providing low-quality services to the Amazon loyal customers. For example, it is important to know whether a newly registered account is in any way associated with a previously closed account.

The company employees will make calls to potential sellers to ensure their identity matches fully official provided documents. Specially trained people will consequently analyze the information received. Their decision will affect the approval or rejection of the salesperson’s application.

The company intensified regular audits earlier this year. However, due to the critical spread of the virus worldwide, the idea was adopted to switch to video communication.