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A Guide to Creating a Central Seller Account at Amazon

If you spend a significant amount of time at the Amazon marketplace, you probably know which buttons shall be pressed to get the things successfully done. You can save some time by going to the bottom of the page, down to the footer. There choose ‘Make Money with Us’, then press ‘Sell on Amazon’ and finally opt for ‘Start selling’. In this way, you successfully start the sign-up process. However, if you have already created an account at Amazon, you can just use it as a salesman.

Which Account Type Is It Better to Choose at the Beginning?

After you input some basic data regarding your identity and tax information, the system will ask you whether you would prefer an Individual or Professional seller account at the Amazon marketplace. These two options are quite different. They will influence your initial working experience and profits gained. Let’s consider both of them and outline the major pros and cons.

There is no monthly cost of the Individual Account at the Amazon marketplace and you are welcome to use it as long as you want. However, you will have to pay certain indirect fees that you may eventually dislike. For instance, your cost for every new listing will be 0.99 USD. You will be also banned from selling brand-new items. You will be unable to sell items in selected privileged categories and you will not be able to specify specific shipping rates. This may turn pretty inconvenient at some conditions of real-world life.

Professional Account will pull 39.99 USD per month out of your pocket. In general, we advise an Individual account and use it until you realize the number of items sold each month exceeds forty. In other words, Professional Account has been designed for merchants that expect to have serious workloads at Amazon and gained an understanding of what they are about to distribute.

Keep All Your Relevant Information Nearby

It has been very important to decide which seller account at the Amazon marketplace you would like to start with. The next action is to ensure that all your business information is input correctly. In the meantime, you are welcome to use tutorials and handy examples which are readily available from Amazon.

Let’s provide some tips step-by-step, which will likely be helpful for you in the course of the registration process.

Business Info. You will have to input your business’ legal name, address, and contact information associated with it.

E-mail Address. We suggest not to use your private email, but rather the business one. Amazon will send important e-mails to you from time to time. Therefore, just make sure the specified e-mail address is valid and accepts messages for you.

Credit or Debit Card. Such a bank card shall fully support international payments and contain a legal billing address on it. If your card number is not valid, your registration will be automatically suspended, as Amazon checks the data immediately in an automatic regime. To avoid nuisances, do take care of typing all the numbers correctly.

Phone Number. It can be any phone number that you have access to. The telephone number is used by the Amazon employees during the registration process of your salesman account. It is better to keep your phone near you until the registration has been successfully finished.

Tax Data. If you are a citizen of the United States, you can use your social security number for this purpose. You are also welcome to specify the Federal Tax ID Number of your registered business. The tax information will be checked almost immediately, via the Internet.

Bank Account Number. Amazon will ask you about the bank checking account. It will be used for your deposits. Your earnings will be automatically transferred to your account, therefore, make sure that no error has been made during typing or copy-pasting. Just login to your bank account and see the routing number and the respective account number.

Congratulations! That is all that you needed to do at this point. Get relaxed for a minute. Soon, you will need much more time, since Amazon will prompt you regarding creating new listings. As soon as you create the first listing, your status will immediately grow to the "Launched" seller.

Bits of Advice Regarding the Amazon Fulfillment Options

Choose which method must be best for you. If you are ready to do the most job yourself, then select ‘Fulfillment by Merchant’. Otherwise, opt for ‘Seller Fulfilled Prime’. If you find it acceptable to interact with Amazon more deeply, go to ‘Fulfillment by Amazon’. There are evident pros and cons of any business solution. Therefore, it is only up to you what to start with.