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Why have my Amazon listings been de-activated?

Amazon has its own security system for preventing errors related to your prices. The system allows you to establish minimum and maximum prices for each SKU. Amazon's and RePricer.Online's price limits are in no way connected to each other.

You might encounter problems if you haven't set minimum and maximum prices on Amazon or if you've set prices different from those on RePricer.Online. If no prices are indicated, Amazon itself sets minimum and maximum price limits for each of your items. If the price changes, the minimum or maximum limit on Amazon may be violated, causing the listing to be de-activated.

The best way to prevent listing de-activation is to set price limits on Amazon that match those on RePricer.Online.

How do l re-activate my listings?

To activate your listings, simply update your item, setting the price within the minimum and maximum limits on Amazon. You will also have to either update the price limits for the listing on Amazon or modify the values on RePricer.Online. Otherwise, this issue may occur again.

How do I upload minimum and maximum prices to Amazon?

Log in to your Amazon Seller Account and perform the following actions:

  • Select Inventory, then Add Products via Upload;
  • In the Upload Inventory Files menu, click Price & Quantity File;
  • Select a file on your computer and upload it.

If you can't create the file yourself, please contact us. Our specialists will create a file for you in the desired format, with minimum and maximum prices that fully correspond to those on RePricer.Online.

Don't forget to check the file before uploading it to Amazon to make sure there aren't any issues.