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Why my prices up by 1 cent?

It all comes down to the Amazon engine. Repricing is only possible when one of your competitors changes the price. When this happens, the Amazon server notifies us and sends us up-to-date information about your item and the current situation.

However, it often happens that we don't receive notifications concerning some items because there are few or no competitors. In such cases, information about the products can become outdated.

To avoid situations like this, we ourselves increase the prices of products for which no changes have occurred. This helps us keep the information about these products and about your competitors current so that you can get up-to-date reports.

There's another scenario in which a forced price change helps improve repricing in the absence of competitors. This is Buy Box rotation. Amazon constantly puts various sellers into the Buy Box without changing the price. Unfortunately, when that happens, Amazon does not notify us that your store has been knocked out of the Buy Box. We only learn of this when one of your competitors changes the price. For detailed information, please see our article about the Buy Box rotation.