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Quick Start

After you register and enter your account, the system will offer to create your first store.

After you click Add, a window will appear with three simple steps.
At the first step, enter the name of your store and select the marketplace with the region for repricing.
A separate store must be created for each Amazon region. This is convenient, as you can flexibly set repricing for each individual country.

After clicking Next, you will proceed to the second step of adding a project, where you will need to enter the main settings required to start repricing.

The first setting will allow the system to automatically set the minimum and maximum prices for goods for which they were not set up manually. Later you can set the minimum and maximum limits for each item using three methods: through the convenient interface in your account, by uploading a file with prices for each item, or through our API. If the system is not permitted to set the prices for new goods, their repricing will start only after you set them by any of the three above methods.

The second parameter is the test mode. You can enable it if you want to try out the system without making changes to the marketplace. In this case, the system will not change your prices on Amazon, but you can watch the system work as if the prices were actually changed. And the last is selecting a default strategy for the created store. This strategy will be used for all goods for which no individual strategy is selected. More information about the strategies is available on a separate Help page.

The last step is to link your Amazon account to the created store. After that our system will have the rights to obtain a list of your goods and will be able to perform repricing based on your settings.

  1. Follow the link and sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. Enter the Developers Name and Developer Account Number (simply copy them from this page (2) to the form on Amazon).
  3. Copy your Seller ID and MWS Authorization Token to the Seller ID and Auth. Token fields in the form for adding a store.

After filling the form, click Create, after which the system will verify the entered data and start creating the project.

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