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4 ways to set price limits for your store

Setting the minimum and maximum prices for each item is one of the most important parts. This defines the limits for each item within which the system can change prices.

There are 4 key methods to set the price limits for your store.

The first method is to set the general limits in percentages in your store settings or during its creation (adding it to your account).

When the limits are specified in percentages, the minimum and maximum prices will be set automatically on the initial uploading of goods. This method is optimal for newly added items so that their repricing can start as soon as possible without waiting for you to enter the minimum and maximum prices manually by either of the following methods.

The second method is uploading the prices from a file.
There a special section in the settings of each store where you can change several parameters for your goods in parallel by uploading a CSV file.

The section contains several file examples that will help you to easily understand the data format.

You can generate the file automatically using your own software or scripts, or create it manually.

Please note. In the report you can see the number of goods for which there is no maximum or minimum price, and by clicking the value you can go to the list of such goods.

The third method is setting up the prices in your account.

We have developed a special section where you can view all currently available items, search using numerous filters and set minimum and maximum prices for each item.

By clicking each item, you can set the limits for it in the currency of your store. You can also use any filters, remove unnecessary goods and set the limits in percentages for all selected items at once.

The fourth method is setting the prices through the API.

This option can be used by experienced developers to integrate our repricer into your system. This method allows you to set up a software-based connection to our API and change the settings for any item, including its price limits.