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Working with strategies

Strategies are intended for a more flexible repricing process setup according to the needs of your business. You can use strategies to set your own rules for all goods in your store or for individual items.

If you have just created an account, you already have one strategy that the system creates when you register on the website. This is the basic strategy that is sufficient in most cases. You can test the system using this strategy, and later create new strategies or change the existing one.

Creating a Strategy

The strategy creation form contains numerous fields, and we will review each field by groups.

Compete With

These rules describe how to compete with each seller type. There are two types: Ignore and Beat By. The first simply disables the option of competing with this seller type, i.e. the system will not respond if this type of seller reduces their item price. The second enables competition and defines the price increment that the system will use if the competitor reduces their item price. By default, Beat By is set at 1 cent which is quite sufficient. In this case, if the competitor lowers their price, the price of your item will be automatically reduced by the equivalent amount minus 1 cent. Besides the fixed increment, you can add percentages. If you set 1 cent plus 1%, the price will be reduced by 1 cent + 1% of the competitor's price. Please note that the price will only be lowered till the minimum threshold that you have set for the item.

Setting the Only Compete with Buy Box Sellers parameter will switch the system to the mode of competition only with Buy Box Eligible Sellers. In this case, you should make sure that your items are also Eligible for Buy Box.

Item Condition

Here you can set the types of item conditions to compete with. In most cases it is enough to set Match (equal to your item condition) or Match or Better (equal to or better than you item condition), but you can also select a certain condition manually.

Exclude or Include Sellers

Intended for setting the minimum rating and the minimum number of feedback comments for sellers whom you will compete with. The sellers with lower parameters will be ignored.


In this block, you can set the scenarios of system behavior in certain situations, for example what to do if there are no competitors for a certain item. By default, Go to Max Price is set for this event.

Set Strategy for a Store

You can select a single strategy for your store on its settings page.

In Field 1, choose the strategy, in Field 2 you can change all strategies that were previously set individually for specific goods to the strategy specified in Field 1.

Set Strategy for Individual SKUs

There are 4 methods of setting a strategy for one or several goods.

The first two methods are setting it in your account in the Products section. Here you can click any item and change its strategy in the window that appears.

Or you can use search and choose a strategy for all search results at once.

If you set Inherit from Store, the current store strategy will be used. This option is the default for all goods.

The second method allows you to upload a file with the entered strategy names for selected goods. You can do it on the settings page of your store in Upload Prices. A CSV file with a list of goods and strategy names for each item may be uploaded. You can find an example of such a file on the upload page.

The last method is intended for developers, as it involves integration with our API. More details are available in the documentation.