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How Do Amazon Experts Reduce Return Rate And Increase Customer Satisfaction

No merchant likes collecting returns. They decrease your profit, decrease your seller ranking, generate a new hassle, and may even demotivate from continuing the performance as a merchant. Furthermore, the number of returns is not always predictable. They, therefore, may be challenging coping with. You probably spent enough time asking yourself how it is possible to deal with this hazard and what depends directly on you. In this article, we will discuss some common issues. Besides, we will provide five helpful tips that will probably decrease your return rates considerably. Furthermore, they will increase the level of understanding of your customer needs.

Seduce your valuable visitors with stunning and detailed photos of goods

People obtain the most information from the eyes. Nice photos immediately grab attention and help to make a buying decision with more confidence. Therefore, do not hesitate to use this option in full. Do invest a certain time in preparing magnificent, eye-catching photos of your goods. There are a lot of serious marketing investigations available that exemplify how significantly sales are increased thanks to high-quality and versatile images.

Accurate and honest product descriptions are in the cornerstone of the seller success

When a customer visits your page, he/she almost surely will read some information from your product description. Therefore, your primary goal is to nurture people's interest, particularly in your offers. A detailed item description is very helpful to make customers satisfied and willing to cooperate again in the future.

More information is always better than little information. Buyers like products that contain a lot of details about them, not only the technical ones obtained from the vendor. Usage hints and life hacks may be very valuable and well-received by your audience.

Timely customer support decreases the probability of returns

Let’s consider an example. You bought a book for your spouse as a gift on some essential occasions. However, the parcel had to be shipped from a different region of the world. Shipping time from overseas may vary due to logistics complications, as everybody knows. If the goods do not arrive on time, you may have become very angry. Amazon allows you to cancel such delaying orders by returning an item that was not delivered properly and missed a memorial date. However, you also have an option to directly contact a merchant and discuss the situation. Errors happen from time to time. For instance, you may have been provided with a wrong tracking number or other inconsistent shipping information. If a seller is polite, does not ignore your messages, and truly tries to help, you will probably refrain from returning the goods.

Advice to all merchants is, therefore, is to be online with your customers and assure them that you are willing to collaborate and constantly improve their online shopping experience.

Work with reviews and feedback seriously

Do read reviews attentively and understand the most common concerns of your buyers. Decide which of them can be eliminated thanks to the improved customer service. If specific negative issues can be identified after an in-depth feedback analysis, address them right away. It is a way better to spend some time in this section of the website than to issue numerous refunds to all those dissatisfied and angry consumers.

It is naturally useful to directly ask customers what makes them return the goods. Multiple-choice surveys often assist in getting important information about the causes of bad shopping experience.

The sizing guide is just obligatory if you offer clothes and shoes

Do you best to avoid all confusion by including a convenient sizing chart. List the sizes on your garments and their equivalents in inches and centimeters. You may need to add measuring instructions if you sell something that is not very conventional in this or that location.