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How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Amazon is presently a flagman of online trading that gathers merchants and buyers at the same place on the Internet. The company provides an excellent opportunity for third-party vendors to distribute their goods.

According to official statistics, nearly 100 thousand dollars is paid every minute at the Amazon marketplace. If you have a good command of Amazon and a lot of loyal customers, you most likely know how to boost sales on Amazon, increase Amazon sales rank, and generate a good income every month. Nonetheless, it is far not easy for a novice to get started on Amazon and become profitable right away. The environment is highly competitive and requires significant efforts from a salesperson to win the battle.  

In this article, we will consider a few steps that normally result in a boost of Amazon sales and an increase in the seller rank. Irrespective of what is suggested to you by different experts throughout the World Wide Web, remember that Amazon gives you magnificent options to try and a lot of different selling strategies to test. It is useful to conduct your own investigation of the market from time to time to understand the current situation and adjust your efforts accordingly. 


Step 1: Getting timely feedback from your buyers is extremely important

Almost 90 per cents of the current Amazon shoppers responded that they trust online reviews that have been published on the product page. Personal suggestions are also values by more than half of the visitors. Is it not enough evidence for you? Organize your selling activities in such a way that motivates people to leave their feedback on your goods. 

Positive reviews and feedback make wonder. Find people around who use your product, ask them to help, work with your comments. Almost all Amazon consumers can contribute a review.

Available software, such as Feedback Five, helps to increase the number of reviews. Amazon developers stress the role of feedback as soon as your ranking gets increased. 

If certain buyers provide you with negative assessment, this will help eliminate the identified weaknesses and improve seller performance.

Step 2: Your SEO optimization is responsible for the search output

Amazon is ruled by algorithms. They are not humans. They do not know anything about you and your offers. All they understand is keywords. We realize how boring it can be to optimize keywords, but this is something that must be fulfilled to succeed in any online marketplace. You are provided with the 500 characters field in which you must type as many relevant keywords as possible. You are welcome to write a brand, most important features, size, weight, and other details. There is a simple program called the Amazon Keyword Tool in your account. It makes use of the Amazon inherent Autocomplete service, which looks for long-tail keywords of a high rating. Then, this is up to you to select the most relevant of them. You can also analyze the chosen keywords in Google. Note that all product fields are equally important for the Amazon algorithms. Therefore, if some words have already been used in this product name field and the description field, there is no need to duplicate it within the keywords. Five key phrases or descriptive words are allowed. Choose them thoughtfully. 

Step 3: Win the ‘Buy Box’ every time you can

  Even though Amazon is pretty competitive, successful sellers routinely derive profits above 20 percent with the ‘Buy Box’. So, how to get it? Customer satisfaction, product availability and implementation are all equally important to get that box. Software, such as Repricer.Online, can help you win as much “Buy Boxes” as possible. It provides regular automatic pieces of advice to make sure you stay competitive. For instance, it may be useful to become just one cent cheaper than your competitor and this will change the whole game. Furthermore, if the software identifies that your competitor ran out of stock, the prices of your corresponding goods will immediately jump up.

Step 4: Give the product to some customers for free

This step may be a good investment in the long run, particularly if you come to Amazon with a brand new product. We wrote above that getting enough feedback is crucial to start. To do this, a seller can offer a few 99% discount codes (even the 100% one is possible now). They can be gifted in exchange for a substantial review submitted. As a result, your Amazon sales rank will increase immediately. Furthermore, the customers being lucky to get an item for free will memorize you. Therefore, you will be able to rely on their loyalty in the future.

If you have old goods that are difficult to be sold try giveaways. It is a good thing because most people remember goodwill and will come to you when they need something from your new inventory. 

Step 5: Consumers admire discounts

Getting loyal buyers are very important to boost your Amazon product sales. Even if such people can get a necessary item from a different merchant, they will still come to you due to the previously formed good relationship. Regular and essential discounts will easily promote you in this or that product category. Next, you can get to the Amazon homepage in the “Hot Offers” category. The latter deliver substantial traffic to your homepage with minimum actual investments and boosts product sales on Amazon.

Step 6: Advertising is a key tool to make people aware of you

For novices, we recommend amazon sponsored products. As a result, your product will be displayed in the search output and on the similar goods detail pages. Thanks to the placement of the ad, the visitor will most surely notice it. In many cases, getting an initial boost of Amazon sales makes a huge difference, so do try it.

Step 7: Marketing elsewhere

Note that phone calls and e-mail spamming to bring buyers to Amazon are strictly prohibited. Avoid using them whatsoever. In the meantime, there are completely legal possibilities to invite people to your homepage. Try writing useful articles describing niches, which are connected to the goods distributed. Another popular option is Hubpages. This is just an outstanding place to host articles that contain direct links to your store. Coupons at the end of the packing list interest visitors. One-time promotions and free shipping convince people to return to you and order again.

Step 8: Use Amazon FBA wisely

Many readers asked us how to increase sales on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and why this option is worth trying. FBA is currently the most powerful fulfillment network on the globe. When you subscribe to this service, your goods are stored in the Amazon warehouses (fulfillment centers). Amazon employees are responsible for picking, packing, shipping the products, and providing customer services for them. Simply speaking, FBA lets you reach a lot more new customers and scale your business accordingly. Furthermore, this is convenient and helps you avoiding routine operations while concentrating on the most meaningful endeavors.