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How to Become an Amazon Seller in 2020

Amazon is the primary starting place for most shoppers in Western World countries. It is not even google.com or msn.com, as many non-experienced people could have recently thought. American statistics reveal that about forty percent of citizens purchased from Amazon every month. In other words, Amazon has been a major hub for online shopping during recent years. Why does it happen? We believe this is so because of the convenience and customer orientation of the Amazon marketplace. Deliveries are fast, whereas returns are normally easy and transparent.

As long as you offer some goods, collaboration with Amazon is a natural choice that helps you maximize your reach, increase revenue, and make your brand public. Here, at the Repricer.Online team, we care about our clients and do our best to make their starting at Amazon easy and seamless. That is why we investigate the situation regularly and critically to get the most up-to-date knowledge about online trading. In the present brief guide, we give you the most essential recommendations and tips about how to successfully launch your Amazon seller business in 2020.

Step One: Does Amazon Want to Perform a Manual Approval of Your Brand Product?

Currently, there are twenty large categories of prospective products to be offered in the marketplace. If your goods are within any of these groups, you are allowed to sell by default, without retrieving any specific permission. On the contrary, your items may fall into one of fifteen categories that require manual approval. That also means an inability to use the Personal Plan subscription (free of charge). Only Professional Plan owners are allowed to sell these goods. They shall fill out an application and wait a bit (normally three business days). Browse the Amazon website to find more information about product categories.

Step Two: Find a Suitable Business Plan/Model

Two selling plans are available for Amazon merchants: the Individual Plan and Professional Plan. If you choose the first one, you will have no monthly subscription fee, but you will pay 99 US cents for every item shipped. Furthermore, referral and closing fees might be applicable. The Individual Plan has been designed for people who just start their business and try to understand whether the Amazon platform is good for their business. The Amazon guideline mentions that the Individual Plan works well for salespersons who sell less than forty items per month. If you opt for the Professional Plan, you may sell as many goods as you can. What you pay to the market are 39.99 USD plus variable closing fees and the referral fee. Amazon suggests switching to the Professional Plan as soon as your turnover exceeds 40 parcels monthly.

Step Three: Sign up as a Seller and Prepare Listings of Your Products

Navigate to the Amazon Seller Central and click the “Start selling” button. Here, you will work with your selling account, so you will need to learn this environment properly. Next, start preparing descriptions of your products. With an Individual Plan, you can add just a single product to the catalog at a time. On the contrary, The Professional Plan permits to deal with batches of items. If your product brand is already present in the marketplace, your work becomes easier. You just add the number of products, the condition, and choose shipping options. If your product is unique, you specify the product’s universal code (UPC) as well as the stock-keeping unit (SKU). Finally, you list all the product’s features, such as title, description, price, keywords, etc.

Step Four: Select Shipping Options

An Amazon seller always has the option to ship items on his/her own. In turn, Amazon offers an option called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). With it, you send your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. The Amazon employees will then store, package, and ship your product to customers, on your behalf.

Choosing FBA makes your products eligible for Amazon Prime customers. Shipping costs are included in the plan, nonetheless, you still have to pay for storage and also a fee for each processed order.

Step Five: Choose the Right Tools to Help Promoting Your Products

To attract customers, you need to be competitive. Your product must be visible and your price should be amongst the best ones. Try software that analyzes the market and adjusts your prices to be competitive at all times. F or instance, Repricer.Online constitutes an essential instrument for beginners. Furthermore, they offer a free plan for new users to try things out. You will also need to consider running sponsored product ads and offering promotions to earn loyal customers.

Concluding Remarks

We enumerated and discussed the five major steps that are absolutely necessary to start your Amazon business from scratch. In other articles, we will consider more specific topics and provide tips and tricks to develop your seller account. Stay tuned!

Title: How to Become an Amazon Seller in 2020
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