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State attorneys ask Amazon to provide mortality, infection, and safety data

AGs requested Amazon CEO to publish data on the employees who have been infected or died of coronavirus. The group sent corresponding official letters to Amazon as well as to Whole Foods companies. They ask for actual and detailed information regarding those who are infected or have died of the virus and relevant health issues. Note that Amazon still did not publish relevant information and, therefore, the situation remains unclear. The company also did not share numbers regarding obtained infections while working in the Amazon warehouses. We know about four confirmed lethal cases.

The reports of one Whole Foods employee who died of a disease related to the new virus are also known. At Amazon, employees have voluntarily counted the number of confirmed and unconfirmed cases. According to some unverified source published on the Internet, four hundred people or more are now infected with the dangerous virus, while they can still be a source of the infection. A serious scrutiny is thus required, as the consequences may be fatal.

In a letter, the group is satisfied that Amazon adapted useful regulations to properly protect their employees. However, such a policy can only be effective if the requirements are strictly implemented at all their facilities.